Definition of playscheme in English:



  • A local project or scheme providing recreational facilities and activities for children for a certain period of time, typically during the school holidays.

    • ‘There will be two weeks of playscheme as usual for children from 9 to 13 years.’
    • ‘It brings together key people involved in providing holiday playschemes, or maintaining parks, school playgrounds or playing fields.’
    • ‘Here we look at afterschool clubs, breakfast clubs and holiday playschemes.’
    • ‘Perhaps the money spent on making these posters would have been better spent on sponsoring a playscheme?’
    • ‘A shocked mother today blasted leisure centre bosses after they let her eight-year-old daughter leave a summer playscheme event unchallenged.’
    • ‘When completed, the new building will allow the nursery to extend its opening to 48 weeks a year and to expand its day care cover and holiday playschemes.’
    • ‘Every Land Registry office provides either on-site or off-site nursery provision, or a holiday playscheme.’
    • ‘This is a council-run mobile playscheme that travels round the city providing access to toys, games, arts and crafts.’
    • ‘But that doesn't mean there isn't childcare; on Achill, the local playscheme takes in visitors' children on a temporary basis, even the toddler twins.’
    • ‘Children at a holiday playscheme in Burnley next week will be helping to improve their local environment, as well as enjoying themselves.’
    • ‘Projects for disabled children, including a holiday playscheme in Ewell, could be forced to close because Government bureaucracy has led to delays in processing staff checks.’
    • ‘Workshops to advise children about the dangers of drug use are planned to take place and a playscheme is also being organised.’
    • ‘A playscheme which is entirely run by volunteers has been voted a huge success.’
    • ‘They joined scores of other children on the free summer playscheme.’
    • ‘A day care centre for pre-school children will provide places for 86 youngsters and there will be before and after school provision along with holiday playschemes.’
    • ‘All children attending city council run playschemes in the Morecambe and Heysham areas stayed indoors.’