Definition of playmate in English:



  • 1A friend with whom a child plays.

    ‘sometimes Valerie wished she had more playmates’
    • ‘Children identified by teachers as unpopular were likely to be overtly exposed to aversive social environments, either because they clearly had few friends and playmates or because peers were actively mean or hostile toward them.’
    • ‘When I was younger, I had a lot of friends, but they weren't real friends, they were just playmates.’
    • ‘By Day 3, I was wishing we'd gone on holiday with friends or that at least the children would find some playmates.’
    • ‘They became good friends and playmates after Johnny asked other people about Christabelle.’
    • ‘They'll have plenty of playmates, based on the rate at which our friends are having kids.’
    • ‘He was almost exactly nine months older than Kirstle, which made him an ideal playmate.’
    • ‘When treated well, dogs can be loyal companions, good-natured playmates for children and steadfast protectors of home and hearth.’
    • ‘Whenever I go to parties with my parents, they always try to set me up with their friends' son - my childhood playmate.’
    • ‘Danny, the narrator, his friend Fred and two next door playmates, Nancy and Janet find adventure and exuberance through the days of one particular summer.’
    • ‘This can include grandparents, babysitters, relatives, family friends and playmates.’
    • ‘Plus he is an active child who loves the outdoors and he is an only child with no children his age living nearby so a dog could be a wonderful playmate and friend.’
    • ‘She had served the Queen, as an attendant, a playmate, and a confidante literally since infancy, but did not resent it.’
    • ‘Eusen felt sad to be the causer of such hate in Kahienra, a child playmate, an old friend.’
    • ‘A three-year-old can imitate adults and playmates, play make-believe with dolls and use pronouns or plural words.’
    • ‘The one thing we are incapable of learning by imitating our friends and peers and playmates is the life trajectory that has been prepared for us.’
    • ‘His playmates were those Native American and African American children whom his mother taught him to love because they were precious to God.’
    • ‘It wasn't all bad, but I think there were long periods without friends and playmates, or someone to break the internal thought processes.’
    • ‘So I finally had a playmate, and a best friend, even though she was a girl.’
    • ‘Some among the sixteen were also neighbors, including Forrestal and Lovett, whose wives were friends and whose children were playmates.’
    • ‘Only six per cent of children thought their fathers were their ideal playmates.’
    friend, playfellow, companion
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  • 2Used euphemistically to refer to a person's lover.

    ‘her clients use this album of photos to pick their ideal playmate’
    • ‘After the meal the man entertained himself in various ways with his playmate.’
    • ‘Stacy is running for the presidency and needless to say his wife and daughters don't know about his little playmate.’