Definition of playlet in English:



  • A short play or dramatic piece.

    • ‘This propels three playlets showing how, depending on trifles, the evening may turn out in three different ways, variously affecting four lives.’
    • ‘Not all of Tennessee Williams's unpublished or forgotten playlets deserve staging.’
    • ‘The Bedroom, the title of the first playlet, is the bedroom of a well to do nobleman and his wife.’
    • ‘So if these religious playlets are essentially such crowd pleasers, why aren't they staged more often?’
    • ‘The playlets revolved around interesting situations like that of a naive, conservative and traditional mother whose teenage daughter breaks the news of her pregnancy.’
    • ‘He doesn't create elaborate conceits or mini - playlets, either.’
    • ‘This comic playlet aspires to be nothing more than an erudite pantomime.’
    • ‘‘It was a short story which I turned into a playlet,’ he explains gleefully.’
    • ‘More than 300 children, aged between four and seven, participated in different items including songs, nursery rhymes, playlets, story telling and fancy dress competition.’
    • ‘In performance, each sonnet is presented twice; even so, it is not easy to make the connection with the resulting playlets.’
    • ‘There may be a pun on suite, as in a set of pieces, but not on sweet, which is hardly the taste these playlets leave in the mouth.’
    • ‘Sometimes they were monologues, sometimes they were playlets.’
    • ‘Wilson doesn't force the show into a succession of playlets, but he gives the dramatic potential of each song a free run.’
    • ‘Thirty pupils, aged eight and nine, put the reminiscences into words and music when they performed playlets and songs at Devizes Library with members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.’
    • ‘The young people involved will develop five playlets covering each of the county council's main aims.’
    • ‘It surfaces in all three playlets, where fathers bring death.’
    • ‘There are a number of terrifying playlets dotted through the book.’
    • ‘The Sondheim revues work as well as they do because so often the songs are inherently dramatic, almost playlets in their own right.’
    • ‘Confronted with divine works, the characters in Terrence McNally's two playlets react with decidedly profane thoughts.’
    • ‘Wiltshire County Council has got together with two drama groups to produce five playlets which will be performed for new councillors after the county council elections in May.’
    performance, turn, routine, number, item, piece, sketch, skit, dance, song
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