Definition of played-down in English:



  • Represented as being less important than in reality.

    ‘a played-down description of atrocities’
    • ‘Those ignored or played-down studies have consistently failed to produce results commensurate with astrological claims.’
    • ‘Neither of us is big on the mushy romance of it all and thats just fine because we've always shared that kind of played-down sentimentality.’
    • ‘His romanticism is a played-down and controlled romanticism.’
    • ‘We gave what we considered a played-down version of it.’
    • ‘At the end, I felt cheated by a played-down story.’
    restrained, modest, understated, muted, subtle, quiet, low-profile, inconspicuous, unostentatious, unobtrusive, discreet, circumspect, toned-down, self-effacing, relaxed, downbeat, easy-going, modulated, softened
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