Definition of play the market in English:

play the market


  • Speculate in stocks.

    ‘these investors know how to play the market and win’
    • ‘Shareholders in western corporations are usually motivated to play the market for just one thing: money.’
    • ‘If you have the foresight to start planning when your child is still an infant, you will be much freer to play the market and make higher risk, higher return investments in a 15 to 18-year period.’
    • ‘Of course if you want to speculate or play the market, you need to acknowledge that you are taking on board, or you're voluntarily assuming, a degree of risk.’
    • ‘If you have more than 25 years you can afford to really play the market and put most of your investments in the stock market.’
    • ‘Virtually every dollar he got his hands on, right to the end of his life in 1950, was lost playing the market.’
    • ‘If you still can't make an informed decision after an intensive study of research reports, prospectuses and the financial figures a company puts out, you are probably not meant to play the market.’
    • ‘For most stock market investors, whether pension funds or individuals playing the market from their home PC, short-term growth is the goal.’
    • ‘He took loans against his credit cards, home equity loans, and whatever else he could get to play the market.’
    • ‘He attributes his success to playing the market rather than investing in it.’
    • ‘Indeed, the results of BusinessWeek's annual survey of the 500 biggest offshore funds show that, in spite of all the gloom and doom, it's possible to play the market and win.’
    gamble, take a chance, take a risk, venture, take a venture, wager
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