Definition of play the giddy goat in English:

play the giddy goat


  • Behave in an irresponsible, silly, or playful way.

    • ‘Glassy-eyed school children playing the giddy goat in the corridors seem to concur with us: it is worthy but boring.’
    • ‘My father is okay but tired, though he manages to play the giddy goat with his grandsons, who think he's really funny.’
    • ‘Dependable and prudent, he often yearns to play the giddy goat and do a comic turn, but he'll only do so with a partner who makes him feel safe.’
    • ‘He flirted like a butterfly, played the giddy goat and spoke his mind.’
    • ‘I loved the mischief in him, the way he could play the giddy goat, his funny gossip.’
    • ‘Her brother plays the giddy goat and is everything they told you not to be at school - a coward, a thief, a lazy fellow.’