Definition of play something out in English:

play something out

phrasal verb

  • Act the whole of a drama; enact a scene or role.

    ‘they were playing out a familiar scenario’
    • ‘It goes without saying that one sees the full range of human emotion - great life and death dramas are played out before one's eyes.’
    • ‘It is just that, here, all life's dramas are played out in front of the most spectacular backdrop you could hope to find.’
    • ‘Supplemented with archive material that showed how the drama was played out on local TV, it makes compelling viewing.’
    • ‘Such scenes are played out across the whole of Britain with a fair degree of regularity, though they remain relatively rare north of the border.’
    • ‘On 21st November, 1953, the final scene in the saga was played out.’
    • ‘The little church has seen hundred of years pass by and lives long forgotten have played their dramas out around it.’
    • ‘Similar scenes have been played out thousands and thousands of times around the country.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, due to his fame, the whole scenario was played out in the papers.’
    • ‘The saga was played out all this week in the Spanish newspapers.’
    • ‘It does, however, offer a far closer insight into the reality of justice, as it is played out every day in our courts, than anything most ordinary people will ever see.’
    • ‘Is landscape just merely the indifferent background scene on which our lives are played out or it is integral to who we are and how we feel?’
    portray, represent, depict, characterize, describe, present
    happen, occur, take place, come about, come to pass, crop up, turn up, arise, chance, ensue, befall, be realized, take shape, transpire
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