Definition of play one's cards right in English:

play one's cards right


  • Make the best use of one's assets and opportunities.

    ‘you have a chance of success if you play your cards right’
    • ‘If he plays his cards right - a big if - he could peel off just enough Cuban voters to carry Florida on November 2.’
    • ‘He said it was a good job and, if I played my cards right, I'd have it for life.’
    • ‘If Fox plays their cards right, they could have a cult show on the level of Seinfeld on their hands.’
    • ‘If he plays his cards right, he could upset all predictions.’
    • ‘If she plays her cards right, she could have a great future as an actress ahead of her.’
    • ‘Here's my latest example of how peer-to-peer file sharing could really help music companies if they played their cards right, which they almost never do.’
    • ‘That's the kind of opportunity people kill for, and if you play your cards right, we can grab it!’
    • ‘If you play your cards right, you too can join me in listening to this fine piece of electronica.’
    • ‘At one stage we could boast about being able to use three different currencies, and if you played your cards right, you could use it to your advantage.’
    • ‘They played their cards right and now expect to either get the presidency or bring some Arab areas under their control.’