Definition of play (or act) the fool in English:

play (or act) the fool


  • Behave in a playful or silly way.

    • ‘On stage four young men are rapping, dancing, dissing each other and playing the fool.’
    • ‘Now, when at work, he was able to play the fool - an idiot with a Rolleiflex.’
    • ‘In order to raise funds for his dream school, he went about begging, singing, playing the fool and enduring humiliation for decades.’
    • ‘I played the fool through much of university and I always had fun.’
    • ‘But the film belongs to Clooney, who plays the fool and the charmer with polished, devil-may-care ease.’
    • ‘Senior prisons officers said Friday that the inmates were not on a hunger strike but were ‘simply playing the fool.’’
    • ‘I, rather than being tricked and playing the fool, prefer being slapped in the face.’
    • ‘To my relief, both seem willing to offer more than just two-word replies today, with neither playing the fool.’
    • ‘They were acting the fool and I just caught them in the act of acting the fool.’
    • ‘Have things changed this much, or am I just once again playing the fool by believing him?’
    clown about, clown around, act the clown, act the fool, fool about, fool around, mess about, mess around, monkey about, monkey around, footle about, footle around, joke, play pranks, indulge in horseplay
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