Definition of play-play in English:



South African
  • [attributive] Not genuine; make-believe:

    ‘they're at the age when they want more than a play-play watch’
    • ‘The country's only independent newspaper and dispossessed white farmers face “play-play” legal instruments as their government continues to manipulate the law and legal institutions to suit its nefarious aims.’
    • ‘Make up a younger sister and get the shop assistants to try on tops for you to get an idea of what to buy for your play-play sister's birthday.’
    • ‘Some parents have found it beneficial to buy a “play-play” doctor set.’
    • ‘Apart from this, all explosives were dangerous, and even small ‘play-play’ fireworks could be used to make bombs, he said.’
    • ‘Try your play-play ad campaign on somebody else's third World country.’


[NO OBJECT]South African
  • Engage in make-believe:

    [with clause] ‘I could play-play I was a beach boy’