Definition of platysma in English:


nounPlural platysmata, Plural platysmas

  • A broad sheet of muscle fibres extending from the collar bone to the angle of the jaw.

    • ‘Examination of a patient with Bell's palsy shows impaired facial and platysma muscles causing drooping of the mouth and brow plus difficulty closing the eye or mouth.’
    • ‘The platysma is secured to the mastoid periosteum after raising the lateral platysma flap in order to help define the jaw line and improve contouring in the submandibular region.’
    • ‘A small light aids him as he suctions and cuts out the fat and stitches together the pink platysma muscle.’
    • ‘A ptosis of the platysma muscle which hangs down, causes a bad result when using liposuction alone.’
    • ‘However, submental electrode placement has the disadvantage of recording from the geniohyoid, mylohyoid, and platysma, as well as the genioglossus, thus complicating interpretation of the signal.’


Late 17th century: modern Latin, from Greek platusma ‘flat piece, plate’.