Definition of Platonist in English:



  • See Platonism

    • ‘The work came into prominence at the Renaissance, and Italian thinkers who saw themselves as Platonists thought of it as an ideal Utopian fantasy.’
    • ‘Like the Platonists of Late Antiquity, he was convinced that Plato and Aristotle were in basic agreement, and that Aristotle's thought was to be understood as a genuine development of Plato's.’
    • ‘He may even appear as Platonist or Pythagorean insofar as he considers the viewpoint of logical simplicity as an indispensable and effective tool of his research.’
    • ‘As a philosopher he was not a pure Platonist; in metaphysics, indeed, he followed Plato and the Neoplatonists, but in natural philosophy the Atomists, and in that of religion Lord Herbert of Cherbury.’
    • ‘Previous philosophers of history - the Platonists, Spengler, and the compromisers - made three connected mistakes.’