Definition of plate glass in English:

plate glass


mass noun
  • often as modifier Thick fine-quality glass, typically used for shop windows and doors and originally cast in plates.

    ‘plate glass windows’
    • ‘The break-in caused £1, 000 damage to the reinforced plate glass window at the supermarket.’
    • ‘I have lost count of the number of smashed plate glass windows in the town centre, and not just isolated premises, often several at a time.’
    • ‘Half-inch- thick plate glass was placed on the sand and then heated in a kiln for two days.’
    • ‘One night, Casey, our pit bull terrier, spotted a skunk drinking from a water bowl and crashed through our 14-foot plate glass window to get at the critter.’
    • ‘Pressing your nose against one of its plate glass windows, you will see a carved elephant the size of a bear and dark wooden chairs on a marble floor beneath a crystal chandelier.’
    • ‘Today, it is the world's second-largest plate glass maker, with annual sales of $5 billion.’
    • ‘The plate glass windows of the boutiques offer a striking counterpoint to the blankets lying on the ground in the markets.’
    • ‘They started breaking windows of banks, candy stores, large plate glass windows.’
    • ‘Recycled Glassworks goes beyond bottles to create dishware out of quarter-inch plate glass from discarded windows.’
    • ‘Sheet and plate glass manufacture had developed in the early years of the century by using a combination of drawing, rolling and polishing methods.’
    • ‘Tropical fish moved languidly behind plate glass, while behind another panel of plate glass kitchen staff were at work with somewhat more vigour.’
    • ‘Already three of the machines have been sold at £150,000 each and two more plate glass factories are monitoring both its use and the level of savings gained at the touch of a console button.’
    • ‘If their loved ones visit, inmates see them through thick plate glass or over a video link.’
    • ‘No injuries were reported, although the auto received considerable damage and Decorum's plate glass showroom window was shattered.’
    • ‘With another sigh, she stood up and looked out her plate glass window.’
    • ‘Here she was looking at reproductions through plate glass windows, while above her the sun was almost coming out.’
    • ‘First use of the sand blast was on window and plate glass.’
    • ‘Theresa was facing the large plate glass window.’
    • ‘They were amazed by the destruction and couldn't help but be horribly depressed when they saw the neighborhood through the unbroken plate glass window of Pony's store.’
    • ‘Phoebe caught sight of her friend through the bar's plate glass window.’


plate glass