Definition of plasticize in English:


(British plasticise)


[with object]often as adjective plasticized
  • 1Make plastic or mouldable, especially by the addition of a plasticizer.

    • ‘A wide range of uses has been found for various phthalic acid esters, with the largest portion of these esters being used as plasticizing agents for polyvinyl chloride products.’
    • ‘In these mixtures, where lysozyme is active and stable, we followed how the stabilizing action of glycerol is perturbed by the plasticizing effect of water molecules.’
    • ‘In initial demonstrations last year, he and coworkers reported using the technique to investigate the deformation behaviour of partly plasticised samples of nylon 6.’
    • ‘During cell expansion, trafficking delivers proteins to plasticize the wall and supplies new plasma membrane and cell wall material to keep pace with growth.’
    • ‘After Elvis, his evolution is clear: He used a plasticized acrylic process to break down the patterns of the photo base, until the image, often a collage, began to disappear into abstraction.’
    • ‘They chose urea as the plasticizing agent because it is often used as a fertilizing agent and could be useful for agricultural applications.’
    • ‘Plasticizer migration from PVC medical devices has been an area of concern for the last few decades that also attracted the attention of numerous investigators due to the large consumption of the polymer in its plasticized form.’
    • ‘Phthalates are a large family of industrial chemicals used for their plasticizing properties in nail polishes and in dozens of plastic products, from shower curtains to food wrap; and for their scent-prolonging feature in fragrances.’
    • ‘Some cells in the dermis secrete a plasticizing protein that loosens the grip on the collagen fibrils, enabling them to slide past one another and making the overall tissue soft and pliable.’
    • ‘Lee asked a plastics expert if strips of veneer could be put through a plasticizing process as a substitute for the hand-cut split oak but was told this was impossible.’
    • ‘These include oestrogen-mimicking substances known as phthalates, a type of plasticising chemical found in deodorants, nail polish, hair sprays and mousses, perfumes and hand and body lotions.’
    • ‘Even though a strictly mechanistic explanation of this phenomenon is still outstanding, evidence has been accumulated indicating a plasticizing action of certain organic compounds on the physical structure of plant cuticular wax.’
    • ‘Blood bags made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride caught the attention of researchers in 1975.’
    • ‘The strong dependence of the transition temperature upon hydration in amylose and amylopectin reflects the known plasticizing role of water in polysaccharides.’
    1. 1.1 Treat or make with plastic.
      ‘plasticized cotton’
      • ‘‘Styrofoam cups are actually much more sound than the plasticized paper cups that would be necessary for coffee,’ she said.’
      • ‘In the restaurant, the wood furniture is starkly black, the walls are a cool celadon green, and the towering banquettes on one side of the room appear to have been molded from some dark, plasticized material by Prada.’
      • ‘A course of twenty-eight black, red, and white letters in precision-cut, plasticized paper creates a powerful aesthetic moment.’
      • ‘They are plasticized and retain the color of a living human being.’
      • ‘The Aureon 7.1 FireWire comes in a plasticized fabric casing, which underscores its portability.’
      • ‘What appear deceptively as inert objects or stationary structures are dynamically transformed into plasticized components free to move within the screen space with a metallic clang similar to a tuning fork.’
      • ‘It works well in an office - particularly since you can write on the plasticized map with dry erase markers.’
      • ‘Changes in the hormones were also studied in blood stored in DEHP plasticized PVC bags.’
      • ‘Inside the secretive Developmental Center across from the Museum of Flight on Marginal Way, Boeing showed off prototype tools and robots that will be used to make huge single-piece sections of fuselage out of plasticized carbon fiber.’
      • ‘Moisture under an asphalt built-up or modified bitumen roof system will leach plasticizing oils out of the membrane, making it prematurely brittle.’
      • ‘Volatile nitrosamines can be selectively reduced from mainstream smoke by passage through a plasticised cellulose acetate filter tip.’
      • ‘Coated with a special plasticized asphalt, the flashing weighs 2, 3, 5, or 7 ounces per square foot and a total weight no less than 6 ounces per square foot.’
      • ‘After a while, standing on tip-toes, she found herself glancing at the plasticized chart mounted before her.’
      • ‘Her course research into the evolution of plastics in fashion had inspired her to create a bizarre hybrid of plasticised velvet, from which she produced unusual fashion handbags.’
      • ‘Could flesh and blood critters that are roundly considered to be destroyers of grass be more effective at making it grow than a machine that sprayed a carefully measured mixture of seeds, fertiliser, and plasticised mulch?’
      • ‘As the authors note, rising rates of asthma ‘have occurred during a period when plasticized products have become ubiquitous in the homes, schools, and workplaces of the developed world.’’