Definition of plastically in English:



  • See plastic

    • ‘If a flexible pipe is subject to severe bending, the innermost steel carcass may seize and plastically deform.’
    • ‘Schwartz and colleagues provide the first observational evidence that the giant flare was produced when the crust of the magnetar could no longer plastically compensate the internal magnetic stress and finally cracked.’
    • ‘If a cell that is a potential site of establishment for a juvenile is already occupied the stolon reacts plastically, with probability p C, by at most four additional growth steps.’
    • ‘A fundamental assumption of elasticity when it is known that some granular and thin asphalt pavements are being plastically strained by legally or overloaded vehicles.’
    • ‘In a similar fashion, a soft clay will generally behave plastically, whereas an overconsolidated clay (for example, London clay) will be stiff until it reaches its yield point, when it will break up into blocks.’