Definition of plastic explosive in English:

plastic explosive


mass noun
  • An explosive having the consistency of putty, capable of being shaped by hand.

    ‘there was enough plastic explosive in that box to lift off the roof’
    count noun ‘a device to detect plastic explosives’
    • ‘They also found a pump action shotgun, a sub machine gun, thousands of rounds of ammunition, plastic explosive, home-made napalm and bomb making equipment.’
    • ‘One of the caches was huge, with a number of surface to air missiles, grenade launchers, a thousand pounds of plastic explosive and other munitions.’
    • ‘At 11.30 am on Tuesday, a piercing explosion rang out as the flares were destroyed five metres below the surface using P4 plastic explosive.’
    • ‘When the authorities raided his office in 2002 they found $200,000 in cash, plastic explosive and a couple of grenades.’
    • ‘Traces of military plastic explosive, more deadly and efficient than commercial varieties, are understood to have been found in the debris of the wrecked Underground carriages and the bus.’
    • ‘One was loaded with an M2 machine gun and another with plastic explosive, fuel oil and dynamite.’
    • ‘You can see a sheet of plastic explosive in the bottom.’
    • ‘The concrete block has been hollowed out and is packed with enough plastic explosives to kill us’
    • ‘The bags contain box cutters, liquid believed to be bleach, and a clay substance that resembled plastic explosive.’
    • ‘Like many airports, Charles de Gaulle uses sniffer dogs to try to detect plastic explosives.’
    • ‘In the 1970s and 1980s, plastic explosives became a favorite weapon of terrorists.’
    • ‘He also said he took some of these through the security screening on himself because he had reddish clay to simulate plastic explosive.’
    • ‘The primer cord, a starter for plastic explosive, somehow ignited.’
    • ‘Five separate bombs, containing hundreds of pounds of plastic explosive, were reportedly detonated by remote control.’
    • ‘Three minutes later, a machine that detects trace explosives showed a positive reading for Semtex, a volatile plastic explosive.’
    • ‘Pipe bombs and plastic explosive can both be quite small and easily concealed on a person's body or in a bag, he added.’
    • ‘An FBI expert witness testified that there was enough plastic explosive hidden in his shoes to blow a large hole in the American Airlines plane.’
    • ‘The bombs used in the other explosions comprised C4 plastic explosive.’
    • ‘One plastic explosive, for instance, vibrates at 800 gigahertz.’
    • ‘The bomb in the vehicle was estimated at about 3-400 lb of plastic explosive.’


plastic explosive