Definition of plastered in English:



  • 1informal Very drunk.

    ‘I went out and got totally plastered’
    • ‘A minute later a plastered young man limps in holding a tissue to his arm.’
    • ‘Now the worst-case scenario is a tabloid picture of plastered politician stumbling out of a Soho dive.’
    • ‘He walked through the front entrance, following a plastered classmate who was having considerable difficulty standing up.’
    • ‘If you get completely plastered, and wander home inanely grinning at passers-by, you're not a problem.’
    • ‘He was very charming and told a story about getting plastered with him.’
    • ‘In my plastered state, I wander down to the beach with a few others in the same condition.’
    • ‘She glared at her plastered mother, bending over to clean up the broken pieces of the mug.’
    • ‘He isn't modern or English enough to deny a plastered mob its nostalgia.’
    • ‘That was way before we got together, and it was the only glimmer of my plastered persona that she's seen.’
    • ‘But the world was already spinning for the plastered man, and the gentle cuff sent him reeling to his back.’
    • ‘I think tonight I am going to get plastered.’
    • ‘By the time we got to the Foley Estate, I was completely plastered.’
    • ‘Who's more appropriate to encourage us to get plastered than the kings of arena rock and roll?’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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  • 2Covered with or made of plaster.

    ‘coarsely plastered brickwork’
    • ‘A brick floored outdoor porch leads to an inner hall with old polished floorboards and original white plastered walls.’
    • ‘Thick plastered brick walls, also called mamposteria, perforated with a colonnade of arches which in fact were the structural supports for the roof.’
    • ‘Italian TV rattling with the volume low while the sun changes the shadows on the warm plastered walls outside in the courtyard.’
    • ‘Nearby were high-status buildings made of stone with plastered walls and more humble structures on the outskirts of the city.’
    • ‘An hour later, we pull up; I'm guided to a tiny room, with white plastered walls, its window covered by white sheets.’
    • ‘I took my son, with plastered broken leg and crutches, to the orthopaedic outpatients clinic at the Royal Bolton Hospital.’
    • ‘The cast then decided to raid the BBC props department and greeted Patrick the next day covered in plastered arms, legs, necks and even in one case, a head.’
    • ‘The floor is broken at various places and the roof has a plastered patch where it leaks.’
    • ‘The perimeter cavity walls of the building, face brick outside, plastered blockwork inside, exhibit slight but widespread cracking at many locations.’
    • ‘The plan is to replace the historic oak-panelling lost in the blaze with plastered walls covered by tapestries and stained glass repaired.’
    • ‘I looked around the room, taking in every detail from the wooden floor to the plastered ceiling and walls.’
    • ‘Larger wall tiles also create an illusion of space as well as flat-skimmed plastered ceilings and recessed low-voltage lighting.’
    • ‘Yucatán Maya mostly live in huts of plastered limestone or tree trunks with steep thatched roofs.’
    • ‘A small hall leads to the main kitchen/living area, where the most striking feature is the bright coral red paint used over textured plastered walls.’
    • ‘Both houses are emphatically vertical, two-story, side-hall town houses of plastered brick.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he could not maintain this approach in the exhibition rooms, which are a very simplified version of the plastered pre-war rooms.’
    • ‘Their front sides mainly consist of plastered walls and barred windows.’
    • ‘Houses with mosaics, plastered walls and ceilings, under-floor heating, and their own bath-suites were built in town and country alike.’
    • ‘The discovery of two inkwells and a plastered table and bench strongly suggested that one of the rooms was a scriptorium, a room set apart for writing or copying manuscripts.’
    • ‘He said he could use his toes from the plastered leg to operate one pedal and use the good leg for the other.’