Definition of plasmatic in English:



  • See plasma

    • ‘The results showed that the patients of group 1 presented low plasmatic levels of vitamin E and that the patients of group 2 presented significantly lower levels of vitamin E after 2 or 4 cycles of cisplatin than before treatment.’
    • ‘A small set of membrane proteins, directly energized through the hydrolysis of MgATP, MgGTP or MgPP i, constitutes the basic framework for establishing distinct chemical milieus in the plasmatic and extraplasmatic compartments.’
    • ‘Fixation was used in this experiment since it allows rosette particles to partition into the plasmatic fracture face, like the other particles (double ring) of the exocytotic site.’
    • ‘These findings are coincident with lower cTnT plasmatic values in the room-air-resuscitated infants, reflecting a lesser degree of myocardial damage in this group.’
    • ‘Concentrations used in our experiments were similar to those found at the plasmatic level in pharmacokinetic studies on humans.’