Definition of plasma membrane in English:

plasma membrane


  • A microscopic membrane of lipids and proteins which forms the external boundary of the cytoplasm of a cell or encloses a vacuole, and regulates the passage of molecules in and out of the cytoplasm.

    • ‘The major destinations for proteins exiting the Golgi apparatus are the plasma membrane and the vacuolar system.’
    • ‘Cholesterol is one of the major lipid components of the plasma membrane of mammalian cells.’
    • ‘Among all the fluxes in the whole plant, the passage of through the plasma membrane of root cells has been intensively studied.’
    • ‘This indicates the firm appression of the plasma membrane to the cell wall, which is typical of a turgescent cell.’
    • ‘The electrode tip pushes through the cell wall tending to jump quickly across the plasma membrane into either the cytoplasm or the vacuole.’