Definition of plasma cell in English:

plasma cell


  • A fully differentiated B-lymphocyte (white blood cell) which produces a single type of antibody.

    • ‘Monoclonal antibodies can also be produced by fusing a single plasma cell with an immortal myeloma cell line in the laboratory.’
    • ‘In most cases, there was marked subepithelial fibrosis and edema with a variable lymphocytic and plasma cell infiltrate.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of toxicity related to the pure form of milk thistle, and there is weak evidence of a hepatocyte plasma cell membrane protective effect.’
    • ‘The selected cell is then fused with a neoplastic plasma cell that also has a natural propensity to make antibodies.’
    • ‘Upon re-exposure to the antigen, the lymphocyte divides into a memory B lymphocyte and eventually differentiates into a plasma cell.’