Definition of plantsman in English:



  • An expert in garden plants and gardening.

    ‘he is remembered as a traveller, collector, and particularly as a plantsman’
    • ‘The 66-year-old, who now lives in Hampshire, attended Castle Hill Secondary School and is now recognised as one of Britain's most famous plantsmen.’
    • ‘It is hoped to have talks in the coming year on landscape and memory, woodlands, marine archaeology, and a lecture by a plantsman trained at Glasnevin.’
    • ‘She was quick to cotton on to the potential of Mount Stewart's subtropical climate, and having consulted the best available plantsmen set about creating a series of magical outdoor rooms to match the interior grandeur of the house.’
    • ‘In collaboration with friend and plantsman Tony, he has transformed the grounds using simple off-the-shelf accessories and masses of plants.’
    • ‘Although I am a professional plantsman and spend many hours a week designing, planting, and reading about gardens, I have almost no experience with the eastern deciduous forest.’
    • ‘The garden itself, with a central arched boardwalk path and waterway, features a Dutch plantsman's stylish prairie-style mix of perennials and grasses as well as blossoming trees.’
    • ‘He celebrates the plantsmen and women, botanists and writers who have influenced gardening over the past fifty years.’
    • ‘My grandfather was a very good plantsman and gardener and very knowledgable about trees.’
    • ‘The guidebook describes Logan as a plantsman's paradise, but no effort is spared in making less knowledgeable visitors feel at home.’
    • ‘She was also a great rosarian - her collection of roses topped 300 different varieties, including some real rarities that a renowned plantsman helped her acquire.’
    • ‘On a typical excursion, they say, the plantsman would collect seed from sunup to sunset, then sit and clean seed into the night.’
    • ‘We also put in a plantsman's garden to appeal to plant enthusiasts.’
    • ‘By the 1990s plantsmen felt things had got a bit too commercial and sophisticated, but in 2002 the pendulum swung back to the more natural approach with the success of her gold medal-winning Tearmann Si Celtic Sanctuary garden.’
    • ‘Entries for the show came from a wide area with plantsmen and women displaying exhibits which pleased judges and visitors alike.’
    • ‘Even the earliest European plantsmen to ‘discover’ them here reported that the huge flat blooms resembled a ‘plate or platter.’’
    • ‘In addition to the show gardens, plantsmen were out in force, with over 20 nurseries showing their wares.’
    • ‘Eventually, the plantsman earned a National Diploma in Horticulture, winning national honours on the way.’
    • ‘As a result, he came into contact with the expedition subscribers (they'd paid money towards the expedition in return for a share of the seeds collected), botanists and plantsmen.’
    • ‘A student of his was an extraordinary planner and plantsman who promoted a naturalistic approach to landscape design.’
    • ‘In the course of the summer, I came across several offered for sale in plantsmen's catalogues which I simply had to have.’