Definition of plantlike in English:



  • See plant

    • ‘Red tide, she says, is a natural phenomenon caused by a microscopic plant-like single cell organism (a dinoflagellate) that blooms annually as part of its growth cycle.’
    • ‘Coral reefs consist primarily of tiny plant-like animals that thrive in the clean, clear water and sunlight found mostly in tropical oceans.’
    • ‘The cellulose cell walls formed during their development, and the presence of reproductive spores are plant-like, whereas the cell movements involved in their morphogenesis are animal-like.’
    • ‘Because both groups include organisms that have both animal-like and plant-like characteristics, the classification and phylogentic relationships within the groups are beset with complexities.’
    • ‘Fungi are multi-celled, plant-like organisms that usually aren't dangerous in a healthy person.’