Definition of plantlet in English:



  • See plant

    • ‘Send off your seed order for next year's seeds and plantlets if you haven't already done so.’
    • ‘Regeneration of plantlets in vitro from wild type or genetically modified rice cell/tissue cultures is reported to be slow and inefficient compared to that of other cereals.’
    • ‘Watering will eventually cause cardboard egg boxes to disintegrate, but by then, the young plantlets' roots should have grown sufficiently to bond everything together.’
    • ‘When the plantlets are ready to transplant, they are simply removed by pushing the base of the cell and dislodging soil and rootball together, avoiding tedious pricking out and minimising root disturbance.’
    • ‘Even back in my days as a horticultural hooligan, I only ever used peat to create a home-made compost for sowing seeds, never for potting plantlets or decorating borders.’