Definition of planning gain in English:

planning gain


mass noun
  • Provision by a developer to include in a proposal projects beneficial to a community in exchange for permission for a commercially promising but potentially unacceptable development.

    ‘an evaluation can be made of the potential contribution of planning gain to regulating the development of rural land’
    count noun ‘the planning gains or conditions may include contribution to costs of infrastructure or provision of facilities’
    • ‘Councillors considered the replacement of the old Nissen hut as a planning gain and approved the application.’
    • ‘Around 50 106 agreements are made each year and recent high profile planning gains have included Kingston Theatre as part of Charter Quay.’
    • ‘This is a principle that Dunster describes as using planning gain to facilitate carbon trading.’
    • ‘Finance for the road itself could come from planning gain from the office developments still to take place.’
    • ‘The Asst. Co. Manager said the reason he was recommending a contravention of the plan was because of the planning gain he saw coming from the development.’
    • ‘For the future, there are proposals in England and Wales for the introduction of a levy on new-builds to finance planning gain, including affordable housing.’
    • ‘The Tesco alternative is a planning gain offer made by the supermarket chain in order to secure permission for a store extension.’
    • ‘The developers would also pay £15,000 in section 106 planning gain for environmental improvements in the area, if the plans are approved.’
    • ‘He held out the prospect of local authorities looking beyond simple planning gain and properly assessing transport gain - and then sharing in it.’
    • ‘In practice, the planning gain / obligation system has offered a useful and flexible tool for redressing the public/private balance in land development.’
    • ‘Helsinki city council has built up a fund for developing the bus station based on planning gains for development of other sites under its aegis.’
    • ‘The fact that the car park is to disappear is hardly a planning gain.’
    • ‘The council has previously said it would look at the issue of planning gains where appropriate.’
    • ‘The planning gain for Haltemprice is that the office will bring an estimated 1,200 office jobs into the area, boosting local services and the housing market.’
    • ‘I shall do my best to see that they do not have to give away planning gains as well.’
    • ‘She said the drive to create the Ilkley Skate Park had also benefited from planning gain money in recent years.’