Definition of planking in English:



mass noun
  • Planks collectively, especially when used for flooring or as part of a boat.

    ‘the waves had pulled her deck planking apart’
    • ‘Fairly solid-looking wooden deck planking is still attached to the deck.’
    • ‘Aside from one minor mishap on 3 March that same year, when the boat hit the rocks and damaged some planking, the Raumiro and her crew sailed safely and well for many years.’
    • ‘He used to wear Doc-Marten boots on stage, as he stomped around so hard on the stage, often breaking the wooden planking as his feet added another dimension to the rhythm section.’
    • ‘The outer edge was stone flooring, but the centre was wooden planking, with a table right in the middle.’
    • ‘The intervening space between these pits at the shop end is floored with heavy planking, on which the wheels can be run from the wheeling tracks, and then into the machine shop.’
    • ‘It was built floor-by-floor using precast planking.’
    • ‘Specimens trawled up in fishing nets have been seen to bite into wooden planking and crush the timber.’
    • ‘Following the steps down to main deck level at 25m, the deck planking is rotting but intact all the way to the stern.’
    • ‘Such ships were robustly built with stout planking secured to massive framing timbers, with a single mast possibly rigged with a square sail.’
    • ‘This minimal Newport frame was then simply sheathed with vertical planking, from sill to roof girt, on the outside face.’
    • ‘He crept on narrow planking laid across the ceiling joist of the sanctuary.’
    • ‘The bare concrete received two or three coats of PVA sealer today and then, last thing, the first of the vinyl planking was laid in a broad strip down the centre of the hallway.’
    • ‘The council conceded that they had been negligent in not removing the boat because of the risk the children could suffer minor injuries if they fell through the rotten planking.’
    • ‘The hull planking is a lattice of crumbling wood over the more solid frames, allowing sunlight to shine enchantingly right through the wreck.’
    • ‘Flying clouds of spray from the bow wave made the wooden planking on the deck slippery as it drifted across the boat.’
    • ‘The wreck sinks into the silt just aft of her deck gun, where the rotten planking of her raised walkway can be seen, and a big conger lives.’
    • ‘There are a few objects on the floor that interrupt the diagonals struck by its planking.’
    • ‘The foremast had broken and sloped down to the seabed, but the funnel still stood and the wooden planking of the stern deck was intact and clean.’
    • ‘She paddled her pool bed to the edge and climbed out onto the wood planking of the deck, grabbing her robe and pulled it on before she stepped through the patio doors into the kitchen.’
    • ‘They were sprawled on a narrow ledge of planking that rimmed what had once been the Great Hall.’
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