Definition of plangent in English:



  • (of a sound) loud and resonant, with a mournful tone.

    ‘the plangent sound of a harpsichord’
    • ‘As the guitar's tone is intrinsically less plangent than the oboe's, the character of the music is greatly altered in this work too.’
    • ‘He has a rather different sort of voice, just as well-schooled but with a juicier, more plangent tone that he uses to achieve the expressive effects and vocal colors that make his style so arresting.’
    • ‘In outline, his play sounds like plangent melodrama.’
    • ‘He creates a tone that is, appropriately, melancholy and plangent; at times quite painfully beautiful.’
    • ‘The blend of music theatrical ebullience, popular styles, and evocative, plangent tone pictures about the legendary 4th century saint evinces much of the best of his early style.’
    melancholy, mournful, plaintive
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Early 19th century: from Latin plangent- ‘lamenting’, from the verb plangere.