Definition of plangency in English:



  • See plangent

    • ‘The deep breaths exhaled by his broad lines, his declarative sentences and their assertive plangency, his deliberate tactlessness and brave humor, redirect the reader to a history of poetic Yanks: Whitman, Williams.’
    • ‘She had a slight catch, a touch of sympathy-arousing plangency, in her voice, and a vulnerable presence that cried out for protection; Birdsong sounds like a typical lounge singer, and comes across as a bit of a bruiser to boot.’
    • ‘Her subjects may revolve around love, loss, and guilt but poignancy rarely tips over into plangency.’
    • ‘Theatricality rather than reality is the keynote of his production, a point symbolised by the constant background music of Latenas Faustas, which varies from fairground jauntiness to pianistic plangency.’
    • ‘His Orestes is a confused, grandstanding jock, intoning his lines with stentorian plangency.’