Definition of planetfall in English:



mass noun
  • (chiefly in science fiction) a landing or arrival on a planet after a journey through space.

    • ‘I for one, don't want to still be on this ship, if it makes planetfall.’
    • ‘Locke would provide those before they made planetfall.’
    • ‘You know, I only just made planetfall a few hours ago.’
    • ‘‘When the Doctor's team made planetfall they discovered that the ruins were the remains of a technologically advanced civilization,’ he continued.’
    • ‘All freighters currently en route between worlds are exempt from this fine until their next planetfall, but any ship that launches toward another PA-member world will be required to carry mail to its next destination.’
    • ‘This depicts the DOMA forces making planetfall.’


1940s: from planet + -fall, on the pattern of landfall.