Definition of planer in English:



  • another term for plane
    • ‘Still another major maintenance problem, he explains, has to do with the planers or milling machines used to grind down asphaltic-concrete pavements in preparation for the laying down of a new wearing course.’
    • ‘In 1909, thin high-speed knives (mounted in circular cutterheads) started to appear in jointers, planers, molders, etc.’
    • ‘To handle the woodworking chores, they bought a router, a planer, and a table saw, and then practiced using the tools on cheap lumber.’
    • ‘The planer, a model no.419, had a 2 ½ by 16-inch square cutting head.’
    • ‘The machine shop houses 21 lathes, four mills, three drill presses, two sand blasters, three buffers, seven grinders, a planer, two TIG welders and a complete tool room.’
    • ‘These decks were to be laid with the old yellow cedar planks on which marks of the planer still showed clearly, along with some definite indications of their previous use.’
    • ‘If the surface isn't smooth use your planer or belt sander.’
    • ‘She passed by from bench to bench, examining with a passing interest the many varieties of hammers, planers, chisels and the like that were common in the shipbuilding profession.’
    • ‘At the heart of most shops, you can find a heavy-duty table saw or bandsaw, a thickness planer, and a jointer.’
    • ‘Beyond that, extreme framers may also have joiners and thickness planers, which smooth the surface of raw wood and plane it to a desired thickness.’
    • ‘Beginning in the 1930s, Baxter D. Whitney & Sons of Winchendon, Massachusetts, supplied Babbitt-bearing-to-ball-bearing conversion kits for its early planers.’
    • ‘He built scaffolding by running long 2x4s once through a planer so they were just thin enough to be passed through the basket-like structure at whatever level needed.’
    • ‘The association secretary said: ‘The centre has been fully fitted out with all sorts of electric saws, planers and drills.’’
    • ‘The other accidentally removed the last centimeter of his little finger with an electric planer.’
    • ‘The only example worth mentioning is the notion that one of the four lead girls is a board builder (and how many shapers shut off their planers while they leave them resting on a blank?).’
    • ‘If you're using a circular sawmill and want to produce more than rough-cut lumber, planers are essential.’
    • ‘If additional finishing was required, it was sent to the planing mill where it was then surfaced on planers or turned into cylindrical shapes on lathes.’
    • ‘However, you can use a planer and purchase the less expensive rough stock and finish it at home.’
    • ‘The Gannett grant will be used to buy saws, planers, drills and other woodworking equipment.’
    • ‘His son, who monitors lumber passing through the planer, may do the same.’