Definition of planeload in English:



  • An amount of cargo or number of passengers that will fill an aircraft.

    ‘a planeload of holidaymakers’
    ‘planeloads of medical supplies’
    • ‘Flynn, played by Hollywood heavyweight Samuel L. Jackson, finds himself midair battling a planeload of deadly serpents.’
    • ‘The first plane load of Americans to escape the fighting in Lebanon landed earlier today at the Baltimore Airport.’
    • ‘The first American plane load of aid arrived in Myanmar earlier today.’
    • ‘I wish I could take them out by the planeload.’
    • ‘At Islamabad Airport, relief agency officials have reported a single forklift truck being used to unload four planeloads of aid.’
    • ‘Last month, some 460 North Koreans arrived in South Korea in two planeloads in an operation shrouded in secrecy.’
    • ‘Five years ago this week, the first plane load of detainees arrived at the soon-to-be infamous Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.’
    • ‘The first American plane loaded with aid for cyclone victims touches down overnight in Myanmar.’
    • ‘Several planeloads of Bulgarian weapons were delivered to Eritrea the same week Bulgaria signed on to the EU Code, in early August 1998.’
    • ‘He could end up with a planeload of Brussels sprouts.’
    • ‘Planeloads of stockpiled supplies are on standby awaiting delivery to desperate victims, who have been living in water for five days.’
    • ‘We don't have enough world-class tourism products anywhere in Nunavut to justify even one plane-load of wealthy travellers.’
    • ‘The first plane load of U. S. evacuees landed earlier today in Baltimore.’
    • ‘A second planeload is due to land in Baltimore later tonight.’
    • ‘The arrest of a planeload of 64 mercenaries who are now standing trial in Zimbabwe raises questions about the involvement of Western intelligence agencies.’
    • ‘Yesterday, a planeload of ammunition landed in Lebanon from Kuwait, today from Egypt.’
    • ‘A whole plane-load of fans, who ironically had just landed from Cork, were roundly ignored.’
    • ‘Two planeloads were impounded by the junta, prompting a temporary suspension in deliveries.’
    • ‘Still, journalists descending into Iowa last week by the plane-load to cover the straw vote couldn't have cared less.’
    • ‘Apparently Italy is now sending back planeloads of illegal immigrants to where they came from.’