Definition of plan view in English:

plan view


  • A view of an object as projected on a horizontal plane.

    • ‘Given a GPS input, the aircraft's position can be displayed on the plan view, and the taxi situational awareness display shows the aircraft's position on a geo-referenced airport drawing.’
    • ‘It showed a plan view of the entire yard and the surrounding space.’
    • ‘In plan view, these mounds are circular, subcircular, linear, or highly irregular where they are sandwiched between adjacent mounds.’
    • ‘Figure 4 shows a plan view of the first 200 meters of a 500-meter course, showing the trajectories traced by the canoeist (blue line) and kayaker (red line).’
    • ‘An onboard monitor shows plan and cross-section views with color-coded existing and proposed grades, and a color-coded plan view allows the operator to see the existing ground as fill, grade, or cut.’
    • ‘As an architect or building designer, it's easy to conceptualize a kitchen design in plan view.’
    • ‘The linear depression extends almost continuously along the locus of pinch-out of the Messinian evaporites and exhibits a straight to undulating pattern in plan view.’
    • ‘The important perspective for our study is the plan view of the disc.’
    • ‘In plan view, South Ash Pasture is a linear, north-south-oriented exposure of gray mudstone approximately 76 m long by 18 m wide.’
    • ‘In plan view from the top, the aperture and conduit would look like this.’
    • ‘Once the position of the viewpoint is established it is possible to move to the next step, that of working out a plan view of the room and furniture.’
    • ‘An overhead plan view of the location of the camera, actors and light can be helpful if you know the location you are going to be working on.’
    • ‘Protruding portions are formed on a surface of the pixel electrode in a scattered manner and the protruding portions have two or more kinds of shapes which are different from each other when the pixel electrodes are viewed in a plan view.’
    • ‘That, in turn, is driven by digital terrain model and a plan view of the site, which automatically drives the grader, dozer, and hydraulics, bringing the site to grade automatically using the total station survey data.’
    • ‘Below, we describe deformation of different domains of the models in plan view and in cross-sections.’
    • ‘Not to mention, he should have had a map out showing the plan view of the airport.’
    • ‘This methodology makes it possible to display the position and speed of a boat - or any mobile unit - on a computer screen, as well as the trajectory covered as seen on a plan view of the race.’
    • ‘After the training exercise, once data acquisition has been completed, the application sends commands to the GIS, to execute Avenue scripts in order to display the trajectory on a plan view of the course.’
    • ‘The output includes perspective views of the architectural spaces, showing luminance values, and plan views, showing work-plane illuminance values.’
    • ‘This artifact's ovular plan view and convex ventral surface indicate that it was made from a large frost potlid.’