Definition of plan A in English:

plan A


  • One's original plan or strategy.

    ‘plan A having gone horribly wrong, Ferguson used the interval to change his formation’
    Compare with plan B
    • ‘I don't know what plan A was, but it evidently failed.’
    • ‘Plan A is actually just to turn up on the day and make it up.’
    • ‘Plan A had been for me to travel with Connie on the train, but there were no seats available.’
    • ‘Plan A, to propose on Detonator, backfired when she saw the ride on the website and refused to go on it.’
    • ‘Have a plan B in case plan A fails.’
    • ‘However, since football is now a 16-man game, he can bring on talented substitutes if plan A is not working.’
    • ‘Business as usual - Plan A - is clearly not working.’
    • ‘Plan A, business as usual, is no longer a viable option.’
    • ‘We can't even resort to Plan B these days because we haven't got a Plan A!’
    • ‘We had Plan A and Plan B and Plan C.’
    • ‘Why not just carry on with Plan A as if nothing has happened?’
    • ‘You either continue with plan A, or you look at alternatives.’
    • ‘That's plan A, but I've a number of other plans.’
    • ‘You've got to still have a Plan B if Plan A doesn't work.’
    • ‘We had a review in the first week of the work to see if plan A was still the best way forward.’
    • ‘I think the only reason you're back now is because Plan A disintegrated and I'm your contingency.’
    • ‘This is plan A; this is what I plan to do.’
    • ‘Fortunately, I have appealing contingency plans, but still first I'll apply myself to plan A with all my strength.’
    • ‘If their coaches are talking differently October 1, you'll know Plan A didn't quite work.’