Definition of plain dealing in English:

plain dealing


mass noun
  • Honest and straightforward behaviour towards others.

    ‘they are blunt in saying what they think and require plain dealing of others’
    • ‘We cannot go back to the old days - and really do not want to - but the value of plain dealing and a handshake between individuals, always open to on-going discussion, is apt to endure long after the era of industrial management - or so we hope.’
    • ‘We are a band of citizens, powerful and passionate, who want their government to focus on solving the country's big problems with common sense and plain dealing.’
    • ‘And we hope that the value of plain dealing and straight talk between individuals will outlast managed care.’
    • ‘They must tear up the partnership agreement as soon as possible, form a minority administration and bring back some plain dealing into our political life.’
    • ‘However, his reputation for integrity and plain dealing has taken a severe blow.’
    frankness, openness, honesty, candidness, truthfulness, sincerity, forthrightness, directness, lack of restraint, straightforwardness, plain-spokenness, plainness, calling a spade a spade, unreservedness, bluffness, bluntness, outspokenness
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