Definition of plain-spokenness in English:



  • See plain-spoken

    • ‘The moving third movement from the ‘Concord’ Sonata is here, however, and he plays it with the requisite plain-spokenness.’
    • ‘He inspires with his plain-spokenness and straightforward sentiment, which is not to imply that his work is not challenging - on the contrary, he deals in a disjunctive logic whose timbre is tinged with riddle, koan, and warning.’
    • ‘But sincerity is terribly persuasive, even more so when applied with plain-spokenness.’
    • ‘She, who was never afraid to experiment with different styles and difficult combinations, has won a dedicated group of fans for her plain-spokenness, as well as for her mature presentation and high degree of artistry.’
    • ‘She gives a very brief but even-handed overview of the military justice system that's enjoyable if only for her plain-spokenness.’