Definition of plain-spoken in English:



  • Outspoken or blunt.

    • ‘He has unknown support among the 62 voters, but there is a popular myth that, while his friends staunchly support him, he has accumulated many enemies for his plain-spoken views.’
    • ‘This very plain-spoken man who says exactly what he thinks, warns all of this could be the toughest part of the disaster.’
    • ‘He was a man of deep convictions, a plain-spoken fellow who did his best for his state and for his country.’
    • ‘This deadpan, plain-spoken style makes Jason's spoken word performances impressive, and not for their props, use of music or any other additions.’
    • ‘Her plain-spoken charm wows the populace and the royal family.’
    • ‘The main reason I enjoy them is that so many of them are very plain-spoken.’
    • ‘In recent books, such as Jazz and Paradise, she seems to leave more spaces between the lines, inviting the reader to make leaps of inference between the plain-spoken and the subtly hinted.’
    • ‘The San Francisco Chronicle described the two main characters as ‘two plain-spoken, quintessentially American subjects’.’
    • ‘Although she remains ambitious and pleasingly plain-spoken, her latest album does not seem to have evolved out of that coffee house from a decade ago, but is still easy on the ears in a very familiar, heard it all before, sort of way.’
    • ‘There is a plain-spoken and straightforward quality to it compared to the other records.’
    • ‘A century after him, another plain-spoken president noted that ‘the only thing new in the world is the history you don't know.’’
    • ‘To be equally fair, he is a smart, plain-spoken career guy at Treasury - not someone who would ordinarily misspeak.’
    • ‘It was to Parsons' credit that he managed to reach beyond those kind of assumptions, and divine the aching sadness and plain-spoken poetry that defined the best country songs.’
    • ‘He had an innate egalitarianism, a plain-spoken American way of talking, a directness, a lack of airs - a plumb-line moral compass.’
    • ‘His plain-spoken directness cut through the trappings of privilege.’
    • ‘Let me be plain-spoken and answer you directly, without going too far, and saying too much, about our President, or his friends, or others.’
    • ‘The portrayal of the wealthy, plantation-born William Henry Harrison as a plain-spoken general who desired only a simple life in a log cabin with plenty of hard cider is cited as evidence that stories need not be true to be effective.’
    • ‘Even the most straightforward and plain-spoken people misspeak.’
    • ‘He was, in other words, a wise, plain-spoken environmentalist before that term came into usage.’
    • ‘He was a working-class lad from the north of England, blunt, plain-spoken, down to earth, and dead keen to get on in the world.’
    candid, direct, forthright, plain, straight, straightforward, straight from the shoulder, explicit, unequivocal, unambiguous, unvarnished, bald, to the point, no-nonsense, matter-of-fact
    candid, frank, outspoken, forthright, plain-speaking, direct, honest, truthful, open, bluff, blunt, not afraid to call a spade a spade, speaking straight from the shoulder, downright, straightforward, explicit, unequivocal, unambiguous, undiplomatic
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