Definition of plain-looking in English:



  • Not beautiful, distinctive, or remarkable in appearance.

    ‘she is, under the make-up and hair, a very plain-looking girl’
    ‘plain-looking food’
    • ‘Sylvia was a plain-looking, gloomy girl with a talent for art.’
    • ‘You may have noticed that an increasing number of websites display a vertical strip of plain-looking text ads that relate to the editorial content on the page.’
    • ‘She is a dark, plain-looking, dull woman who rarely speaks.’
    • ‘Some plain-looking buildings have entire temples just inside their exterior walls.’
    • ‘Walking around town, you'd see an awful lot of plain-looking individuals with nothing distinctive about them.’
    • ‘Use a vegetable peeler to remove colorful strips from squash, carrots or zucchini and sprinkle them on a plain-looking entree.’
    • ‘The goal for the night dive was to seek out unusual inhabitants of these plain-looking reefs.’
    • ‘You get some plain-looking boards and pieces, although there are differently designed boards to choose from.’
    • ‘These early Peanuts TV specials are most notable for their visual upgrades to a plain-looking comic strip.’
    • ‘One night while attending a small gathering at a neighbor's home, I saw a stoop-shouldered, plain-looking man of about 25 standing at the side of the room.’