Definition of placidity in English:



  • See placid

    • ‘Secondly, the team has suffered through a febrile 2005, falling off the pace, storming back into the race, and then settling for long stretches of placidity.’
    • ‘In such works, the serene surface of domestic placidity is only occasionally ruffled by dissonant details: Lou presents a world that is as familiar as it is banal.’
    • ‘Second, there was the placidity of the creatures.’
    • ‘While acting in ‘good faith’ does not mean things will always turn out the way one wants them to, it does lead to placidity, and such placidity is a prerequisite for reflection.’
    • ‘Hannah's remembrances of things past, however, are sometimes skewed by subtle dissonances and a sense of anxiety that disturb the apparent placidity of his picture-perfect world.’