Definition of place name in English:

place name


  • The name of a geographical location, such as a town, lake, or a range of hills.

    ‘in Swaledale many of the place names are of pure Norse origin’
    • ‘Miami-Illinois bands probably knew about the land at the southwest end of Lake Michigan and could have had this name in their place name repertoire before then, but there is no way for us to know that.’
    • ‘Our own town of Athy owes its name to the anglicization of the Gaelic place name Ath Í meaning the Ford of Ae.’
    • ‘Frog Hall is a recognised place name, similar to Cuckoo's Nest and Owl's Castle etc.’
    • ‘Officials stressed that the use of another language effectually changes the place name, and also violates related State regulations.’
    • ‘This is the only example of an apostrophe used in a place name in New Zealand.’
    • ‘It produces a detailed map - provided by Bartholomew or the Ordnance Survey - in response to prompts such as street name, place name, telephone code, postcode, or OS grid reference.’
    • ‘Many of the items bear her ownership inscription, the date, and a place name such as Oxford, St Anne's or Somerville College.’
    • ‘Apparently, choosing a place name, when not one member of the group actually hail from it, is something of a cardinal sin.’
    • ‘Once a place name is selected then an individual from that location is chosen using the electoral roll.’
    • ‘When you see it, you know it is a place name in Chinese.’
    • ‘Incidentally, I'm sure that there is a joke in a place name like Birling Gap.’
    • ‘As a place name, Foxrock has existed for longer than is generally realised.’
    • ‘Enter a place name, click search and there's a good chance that a historical map of your area will be displayed.’
    • ‘They discovered that Tiddleywink became formally recognised as a place name some time between 1871 and 1881.’
    • ‘The title reference is explicit; the place name is synonymous with the philosopher.’
    • ‘Serbo-Croat cheese names frequently use a place name and sir, as in Mjesinski sir, a cheese made from ewe's milk and usually cured for a year in a sack or sheepskin bag.’
    • ‘From a practical point of view and to avoid confusion, it's helpful when people are clear of how to spell a place name.’
    • ‘The Queen yesterday resumed her nationwide Golden Jubilee tour with a visit to the village which boasts the longest place name in Britain.’
    • ‘Nouns derived from a place name in German, used in this kind of sentence, don't normally take the indefinite article ein.’
    • ‘The changing of a place name is a matter for the Town Council after holding a plebiscite.’


place name