Definition of place kick in English:

place kick


American Football Rugby Soccer
  • A kick made after the ball is first placed on the ground.

    • ‘He stepped up to take the place kick from 40 yards on the left wing.’
    • ‘He was spot on with the boot with another two place kicks and a further one-pointer to ensure a berth to the next round.’
    • ‘The first half was very evenly balanced with each team relying heavily on place kicks for their score.’
    • ‘As a younger man Armstrong was also a capable Australian Rules footballer and particularly adept at the place kick - a technique no longer used in the game.’
    • ‘The abandonment of Punchestown on Saturday was a disappointment particularly as the track executive had put so much effort into bringing punters in and getting the place kick started again after all the recent controversy and troubles.’


[no object]often as noun place-kicking
American Football Rugby Soccer
  • Take a place kick.

    ‘our place-kicking struggled at times last season’
    • ‘Yet all that will be remembered of this performance - more specifically his performance - was that he failed where it mattered most, with his placekicking.’
    • ‘He, whose placekicking was exceptional all afternoon, slotted him into a four-point lead with a conversion from the right.’
    • ‘He also played in every game on the placekicking unit.’
    • ‘Armstrong finished his fifth and final season of varsity eligibility in the fall of 2003 when he handled the punting, placekicking and kickoff duties for the 2-6 Warriors.’
    • ‘Two years ago when he went down, the ‘Skins lost three of four games because of shaky placekicking.’


place kick