Definition of placatory in English:



  • Intended to make someone less angry or hostile; conciliatory.

    ‘his hands held in a placatory gesture’
    • ‘Well, they are putting a brave, even placatory face on it but there is no question that should its on-line services arrive in York and be of great size it will have serious consequences for conveyancing practices.’
    • ‘What would once have been regarded as an acceptable gift has now become a placatory toy, so it's necessary to compete if you want the child to recognise this is a gift with special intentions.’
    • ‘He's said nice, placatory things, and he's kept the peace, but we need more than that to drive the country forward.’
    • ‘The stereotype of battered wives as fragile, passive, placatory and docile does not do justice to their actual role in marriage relationships.’
    • ‘I made a telephone call on September 27 to report the problem again which elicited placatory words and promises of action; the light was repaired that day.’
    propitiatory, appeasing, pacifying, pacific, mollifying, so as to pour oil on troubled waters, peacemaking, reconciliatory
    conciliatory, pacifying, appeasing, calming, mollifying, propitiatory, peacemaking
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