Definition of PJs in English:


plural noun

  • Pyjamas.

    • ‘Get out of the PJs, put on something you would wear to your old job.’
    • ‘Then, I slipped my trench coat over my PJs then grabbed my sword.’
    • ‘Sighing, she turned to exit the bathroom, ready to change back into her flannel PJs.’
    • ‘I climbed up the fire escape in my slippers and PJs.’
    • ‘I certainly don't think they even noticed that I was in my PJs.’
    • ‘Keep your PJs on, grab your cup of joe.’
    • ‘So I worked at home… in my PJs.’
    • ‘So there you are running amuck in your PJs.’
    • ‘That night, Danni stepped out of the shower and got into some comfortable PJs.’
    • ‘I had to walk around the whole day in my PJs.’
    • ‘I went upstairs and changed into my PJs and went back downstairs.’
    • ‘I walked into my room and grabbed my PJs and a towel and got in the shower.’
    • ‘A day in my PJs is not very appealing to me.’
    • ‘Although I can't think of many that have shown up in their PJs.’
    • ‘Finely at about midnight I kicked the bed covers down to my feet and pulled off my PJs.’
    • ‘I picked up cocoa powder and fresh soy this morning, and am excited for a snow day of studying in my PJs.’
    • ‘The event turned into a big bash, with 806 Wits students, some dressed in their PJs, pelting one another with their pillows.’
    • ‘I mean, Trent, would you go try a case in your PJs?’
    • ‘You are more likely to be shedding sheets and your PJs.’
    • ‘One day I swear I'm going to go to an interview in flannel PJs.’