Definition of pixilation in English:


(also pixillation)


mass noun
  • 1A technique used in film whereby the movements of real people are filmed or edited in such a way that they appear to move like artificial animations.

    • ‘He used pixillation effects, superimpositions and animation not only to display the staging of an art school ball, but also to tap into the aesthetic sensations supposedly produced by this event.’
    • ‘Vision Point is a fascinating example of pixilation, the animation of live images.’
    • ‘Its mixture of time-lapse, animation, pixilation, totems, toys and drawings suggest a kind of hyperactive feral Svankmajer.’
    • ‘While QAS was open to new technologies, he encouraged classical methods such as pixilation, claymation and paint on glass.’
    • ‘The credit sequence was designed, and hand-made, by Bass, using animation, pixilation, and live-action photography.’
    • ‘He did not draw characters on celluloid sheets but rather used the process of pixillation, filming puppets in different poses to illustrate motion.’
    • ‘He reinvented a technique (usually called pixillation) for the animation of live actors that had been used in the early days of French cinema for trick effects.’
    • ‘The animation process, used to create this creature, is called pixillation, which involves placing a series of masks on a real person and shooting one frame at a time.’
  • 2The state of being pixilated.

    • ‘When nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, he asks why women are still in a state of collective pixilation about weddings.’
  • 3

    variant spelling of pixelation (see pixelate)
    • ‘Worse is TiVo's pixilation problem, reminiscent of the early days of DirecTV when its digital pictures would freeze up and tiny pixels would appear on the screen.’
    • ‘The black levels are sharp and solid and the whole thing is void of edge enhancement or pixilation.’
    • ‘Image quality was generally quite pleasing, but if you got any closer than five feet, you could see visible pixilation.’
    • ‘The visuals are not all that inspiring however; noticeable pixilation, and aliasing constantly stick out like a sore thumb.’
    • ‘The pixilation around the right side of the dog's jaw is also a giveaway that this picture has been modified.’
    • ‘There's some evidence of banding and pixilation, although the colors match well what you see on the screen.’
    • ‘Combinations of layering and pixilation allow complex differential processing of multiple parallel beams of light.’
    • ‘The colors shimmer with splotchy pixilation, which is due either to compression or to digital noise reduction.’
    • ‘As sterling as most of the pictures have been most of the time, I detected annoying pixilation watching divers, gymnasts and other athletes in action.’
    • ‘The colors and black levels are all sharp and solid without any edge enhancement or pixilation rearing its ugly head.’