Definition of pittosporum in English:



  • An evergreen shrub or small tree that typically has small fragrant flowers and is chiefly native to Australasia.

    Genus Pittosporum, family Pittosporaceae

    • ‘Hebes, cistus, cordyline, pittosporum and many others will all add decoration and provide a shelterbelt behind which more delicate plants can grow.’
    • ‘Then the Open Space Department required the retention of a large established pittosporum tree.’
    • ‘The long, dark, rough leaves of the clematis contrast well with the yellow and green foliage of the pittosporum, which grows against a warm brick wall in the sun.’
    • ‘Fortunately for me (but not for the tree) the pittosporum would have drastically slowed the car as it ploughed through my front courtyard.’
    • ‘She also has pots of Verbena bonariensis, broom, pittosporum, lavender, a vine and an olive tree which actually fruits.’


Modern Latin, from Greek pitta ‘pitch’ (because of the resinous pulp around the seeds) + sporos ‘seed’.