Definition of pitted in English:



  • 1Having a hollow or indentation on the surface.

    ‘his jowled and pitted face’
    • ‘The quartz grains are well-rounded and often show frosted, pitted surface textures.’
    • ‘Most people will drive over the smooth road without even noticing it, but the pitted road - that gets noticed.’
    • ‘Geologists have studied the sand grains from modern desert dunes and under the microscope they often show pitted or frosted surfaces.’
    • ‘This pitted two-lane takes you through or near a string of towns: Illiopolis, Lanesville, Mechanicsburg, Dawson, Buffalo, Riverton.’
    • ‘It anchors itself by gaining purchase on the pitted, rough limestone, and then stretches the upper half of its body into the air of the abyss.’
    • ‘Did I mention that we were two and a half hours from the nearest town with a hospital, almost all of that over pitted gravel roads?’
    • ‘The pitted surface is exposed to a media sample and then read by laser technology similar to that found in conventional CD players.’
    • ‘We continued down the steep pitted track, over humps like sleeping policemen buried beneath the grass.’
    • ‘The pitted, rocky surface stretched to the horizon, all coloured the same shade of royal blue.’
    • ‘Sown after the weather has warmed, the black seeds of the ridged loofah are slightly longer, lacking the rim, but with a pitted surface.’
    • ‘I walked down the pitted steps of the palace and out onto the sand of the beach.’
    • ‘And, as many cyclists would testify, smooth roads without pitted surfaces and random holes would be a good start.’
    • ‘Her lips are pressed into a simple smile, giving her a pitted dimple and making the chubby cheeks chubbier.’
    • ‘He has straight, mousey blonde hair and a pitted face which suggests he has suffered from acne at some point.’
    • ‘Her skin was marked by the scars of smallpox so she held her face to the light, and imagined it to be the pitted moon.’
    • ‘The civic body spent money creating a pitted surface along the subway, to discourage the legion of poster-stickers.’
    • ‘There is no cream in the world that can erase the pitted welts that disfigure me from the belly button down.’
    • ‘That could happen if - as is the case of the James ossuary - shallow carving was done over a deeply pitted surface.’
    • ‘A few drops spilled over the edge, sprinkling the pitted surface of the bar and puddling in the deep grooves of the worn wood.’
    • ‘Many were not properly cleaned after being fired with corrosive primers, resulting in rough, pitted bores.’
    pockmarked, pocked, scarred, blemished, marked
    potholed, rutted, rutty, holey, bumpy, rough, uneven, eaten away
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  • 2(of a fruit) having had the stone removed.

    ‘pitted black olives’
    • ‘For the pepper and olive tart - roasted deskinned red peppers roughly sliced, olive tapenade (we prefer to use a version without anchovy), pitted olives and a tasty goat cheese.’
    • ‘Imagine being asked to eat a bowlful of 45 fresh, pitted Bing cherries for breakfast.’
    • ‘Reduce heat, cover and simmer about 10 minutes, while you cut the pitted black and green olives into small bits and rinse and chop the capers.’
    • ‘Substitute finely chopped pitted dates and raisins for half of the apples.’
    • ‘Add the pitted prunes and gently simmer until the fruit is tender.’
    • ‘There being nothing so undignified as a pitted cherry, I suggest that you leave them unpitted, which is the traditional way, and simply warn everyone to beware of the stones.’
    • ‘In the fall and winter, thin slices or chunks of apple or pear work nicely, and I've heard tell of a prune clafoutis as well, for which the pitted dried fruits are first marinated overnight in Armagnac.’