Definition of pitot tube in English:

pitot tube

(also pitot)


  • 1An open-ended right-angled tube pointing in opposition to the flow of a fluid and used to measure pressure.

    1. 1.1 A device consisting of a pitot tube inside or adjacent to a parallel tube closed at the end but with holes along its length, the pressure difference between them being a measure of the relative velocity of the fluid, or the airspeed of an aircraft.
      • ‘As he climbed back into his seat, the copilot's airspeed indicator began to rapidly decrease (its pitot tube had frozen).’
      • ‘We later discovered that the right hand pitot tube was wiped right off the airplane.’
      • ‘Ken, a former flight instructor in B - 24s, who had volunteered for combat duty, made doubly certain the pitot covers had been removed from the pitot heads.’
      • ‘The recovered wings all show twin pneumatic lines as well as electric lines for the heater element going out to the pitot tube.’
      • ‘He saw a hole or gash in the nose, near the pitot tubes and AOA probes.’


Late 19th century: named after Henri Pitot (1695–1771), French physicist.


pitot tube