Definition of pitiless in English:



  • 1Showing no pity; cruel.

    ‘a pitiless executioner’
    • ‘And doubtless in surveying American culture our pitiless foe finds much evidence to support such a malign view.’
    • ‘We must not let one side be ruthless, self-confident and organised: ‘It is civilization, pluralism and secularism that need pitiless and unapologetic fighters.’’
    • ‘He uses the mesh of the jungle screen to play on our fears of the unknown and the pitiless savagery that is the reality of nature.’
    • ‘The reviewer's pithy, pitiless conclusion: ‘Get real.’’
    • ‘Football is merciless and pitiless, and in a business sense Gill merely stated the obvious: no-one is indispensable.’
    • ‘Her spirit had blazed the blinding blue of pure fury, and her soul had been filled with the purest black of the most pitiless executioner.’
    • ‘‘Now for the first time you have hurt me, you cruel, pitiless man are sleeping the sleep of death‘.’
    • ‘Did their pitiful cries and prayers rise into the night to a God who seemed deaf and pitiless as their cruel jailers?’
    • ‘Here the artist painstakingly compresses history into an unfathomable listing of dates and we become ‘a pitiless witness’.’
    • ‘It was a brutal, vicious and pitiless attack in which you showed your victim no mercy.’
    • ‘They were not, in other words, misunderstood, socially maladjusted, middle-class rebels but a pair of determined and pitiless economic vandals’
    • ‘I would add a few refinements of my own devising, concessions to our cruel and pitiless modern age.’
    • ‘And his voice is so subtly ironic, and so pitiless - toward himself among others - that he makes Sebald look almost soft.’
    • ‘But the pitiless character of his criticism diminishes these letters in this respect, even as it enlarges them in other ways.’
    • ‘After this there was no fight; only heartless, pitiless slaughter.’
    • ‘Epitia argues for this course of action because she does not want to regard herself as ‘a pitiless and cruel woman.’’
    • ‘‘A bounty hunter must be ruthless, pitiless, and merciless,’ he began sharply.’
    • ‘It's a vicious ideology and it's sustained by violence and by the pitiless conversion of its own adherents into dumb weapons.’
    • ‘The Russian military campaign has been pitiless.’
    • ‘They utterly failed to see how the event had changed everything, by revealing just how pitiless and ruthless our new opponent was prepared to be.’
    1. 1.1(especially of weather) unrelentingly harsh or severe.
      ‘a night of pitiless rain’
      • ‘He is a membrane between isolation and society, this man who crouches beneath his umbrella, navigating by guesswork in a pitiless storm that, having engulfed houses, streets and gutters, has deprived him of his bearings.’
      • ‘The figure was soaked through and through in his coat that ought to have been protecting him from the pitiless storm.’
      • ‘I used to think it was beautiful, but now the weather's my enemy, pitiless and uncaring as napalm and bear traps.’
      • ‘The thought of EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson meeting a grisly end in the Brussels public toilet where he hoped to seek refuge from the inexorable advance of pitiless technology is not unpleasing.’
      • ‘He approaches me while I'm sheltering from the hideous, pitiless weather.’
      • ‘The pitiless showerhead continues to drench her, the water bearing her life's blood down the drain.’