Definition of pithy in English:


adjectivepithier, pithiest

  • 1(of a fruit or plant) containing much pith.

    • ‘When the trees bloom in March or April, the Walkers try to remove any remaining old, pithy fruit.’
    • ‘In particular, its attractive golden rind is not a distinct, pithy covering like that of a true citrus fruit, but is thin, soft, and pulpy.’
  • 2(of language or style) terse and vigorously expressive.

    ‘his characteristically pithy comments’
    • ‘The clarity of ideas and the interlacing of pithy quotes make this a readable, thought-provoking book.’
    • ‘Every few minutes our phones beep with some pithy comment from each other.’
    • ‘One of those pithy phrases that tie together life, death, and the transcendental power of the written word.’
    • ‘Fighting for the Future, for all its provocative arguments and pithy language, sometimes borders on the apocalyptic.’
    • ‘- Thanks to Joe for this pithy summary of the relevant issues.’
    • ‘He wrote plain English, punctuated by short pithy sentences.’
    • ‘But Porter does not shy away from the pithy language of the street, when it seems called for.’
    • ‘I'm too tired to come up with something pithy.’
    • ‘And I'm not going to end with a pithy summary.’
    • ‘Soames looked him up and down before dismissing him with a pithy phrase from a great wartime leader.’
    • ‘And the connection is a pithy phrase of Deputy Noonan's dating back to the 1987 election campaign.’
    • ‘And it's years since I've heard anyone pile up as many pithy one-liners.’
    • ‘The emails ranged from pithy observations to throwaway responses.’
    • ‘I didn't truly understand Dean Ricci when he uttered this pithy quote during an admissions interview.’
    • ‘The bard might have had some pithy poetic observations on Wilson's vision of corporate sponsorship.’
    • ‘Knox delivers his one pithy line of the scene.’
    • ‘The narration is flooded with wonderfully pithy, insightful commentary.’
    • ‘We live in the age of fast food and pithy one-liners.’
    • ‘Maybe you'll be glad to see the end of my pithy exam summaries, who knows?’
    • ‘For once, I have no pithy rejoinder to tack on to a post.’
    concise, short, brief, compact, condensed, crisp, laconic, terse, tight, to the point, economic, thumbnail, summary, short and sweet, in a few well-chosen words, compendious, epigrammatic, synoptic, aphoristic, gnomic
    succinct, terse, concise, compact, short, short and sweet, brief, condensed, compendious, to the point, summary, epigrammatic, crisp, laconic, pointed, thumbnail, significant, meaningful, expressive, incisive, forceful, telling, trenchant, finely honed, aphoristic, sententious
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