Definition of pithos in English:


nounPlural pithoi

  • A large earthenware storage jar.

    • ‘Finds from the upper levels of A1600 consisted of numerous large fragments of pithoi, perhaps attesting to additional storage in this area.’
    • ‘The two paving stones along the east side were probably bases for pithoi, fragments of which were found smashed on the room's floor.’
    • ‘Other than the pithos and its lid, no ceramic vessels were clearly being used in the room at the time it was destroyed.’
    • ‘The reused pithos is decorated in relief with a guilloche band and a register of cranes.’
    • ‘A number of vases were recovered in the room: two high-necked cups, a large skyphos, three amphoras, two hydrias, a cooking pot, and two pithoi.’