Definition of piteous in English:



  • Deserving or arousing pity.

    ‘a piteous cry’
    • ‘She twisted her hands miserably, with a piteous expression on her face.’
    • ‘She had a hundred years experience when you were still a piteous little child!’
    • ‘The girl uttered a cry, long, tremulous, heart-rending, piteous.’
    • ‘Your efforts never fail to leave me laughing at your piteous attempts.’
    • ‘As the end neared, she lapsed into a semi-consciousness of raving and then piteous wailing.’
    • ‘So I'm bent by such grievous tortures, painful to suffer, piteous to behold.’
    • ‘The court proved immune to these piteous cries and upheld the sentence, anyway.’
    • ‘He was crying into his lovely black feathers a piteous sound that tore at Star's heart.’
    • ‘This same mother will also tell you not to cut the tree, for it will bleed real blood during the night and cry out with a piteous wail.’
    • ‘Your piteous tribe has committed more to the eternal life and bliss after death then your life here and now.’
    • ‘There isn't a hint of jousting, sacred quests or piteous damsels.’
    • ‘My heart goes out to Miss F - sorry for your piteous plight which I induced.’
    • ‘The songbirds had returned, but their calls sounded ever so plaintive and piteous.’
    • ‘Never in my life had I ever heard such a piteous sound.’
    • ‘Boromir's attempted martyrdom was a bit self piteous to be sympathetic.’
    • ‘Like a true piteous creature, she slobbered all over.’
    • ‘Herr Schaal's voice was piteous; he was pleading.’
    • ‘The piteous 11 per cent conviction rate has to be explained somehow.’
    • ‘He'd long forgotten most of the words of this piteous lament, but that was no obstacle.’
    • ‘Thus, the best form of tragedy is one that represents ‘terrible and piteous events’ that befall good and undeserving people.’
    distressing, sad, to be pitied, pitiable, pathetic, disturbing, heart-rending, heartbreaking, saddening, moving, affecting, touching, tear-jerking, plaintive, poignant, forlorn, poor, sorry, wretched, abject, miserable, tragic, woeful, lamentable, grievous
    sad, pitiful, to be pitied, pitiable, pathetic, distressing, heart-rending, heartbreaking, moving, affecting, touching, plaintive, poignant, forlorn, poor, wretched, abject, miserable, tragic, lamentable, grievous
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Middle English: from Old French piteus, from Latin pietas ‘piety, pity’ (see piety).