Definition of pitchi in English:



  • An Aboriginal container made of wood or bark, used for holding liquids or goods, or carrying a baby.

    ‘they all drink from the pitchi, including the boy’
    • ‘She placed fruits and nuts in the pitchis.’
    • ‘There are still a few mouthfuls of water in the pitchi.’
    • ‘They used a hardwood pitchi of very symmetrical form.’
    • ‘The lead was taken by the widow carrying a wooden pitchi.’
    • ‘They carefully pour the seed down into the larger pitchi at their feet.’
    • ‘The concavity is of considerable depth and renders the pitchi useful for carrying water in.’
    • ‘The great majority of the pitchis are of soft wood.’
    • ‘It is a snapshot of a man busy making a pitchi.’
    • ‘She thrusts the pitchi under the arms and on to the lap of each one in turn.’
    • ‘They gathered the grubs, cooked them, and placed them in a small wooden pitchi.’


Late 19th century: from Western Desert language and neighbouring languages bidi.